Diminishing Depression


You lose a piece of ‘yourself’ (your ‘soul’ as it is named in certain cultures) and you suffer from that. This suffering-from-loss-of-soul is what in present days is usually called ‘depression’.

But of course, ‘soul’ can be replaced by ‘deeper meaningfulness’ and what is really lost, is the normal contact with it. This way, you don’t find any meaning in yourself, the environment, the future… with all symptoms of a depression.


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How? AURELIS method

Central in AURELIS is an optimum communication with your deeper self. Through this communication you strongly heighten the chance that your own ‘soul’ can let itself be healed again.

Through the experience of depression and an appropriate healing from it, you become stronger and richer than ever before.

With mild forms of depression, you can start using AURELIS exclusively. With more severe forms of depression, we recommend you to get more help.

With AurelisOnLine, you get hands-on tools to deeply invite yourself, by way of sessions of autosuggestion, towards less feelings of depression.

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